My Skin Care Routine With Clinique!


Ever since day 1 of being serious about my skin care a couple years ago, I have used Clinique products. Clinique has been perfect for my skin. From the facial scrub, to the cleanser, to the lotions and eye creams, I don't really have another reason to switch. My esthetician asked me while getting a facial, do you have any reason to look for another skin care line? I was like NO! Clinique keeps my skin soft, fresh, glowing, and spot free. I rarely get breakouts and I have Clinique to thank for this.


My mother has been using the 3-step and she is the one that put me on (Thank you Mom for being a skin care trendsetter). Black women so often think that 'black don't crack', and I am here to tell you that melanin will sure crack. We have to start early to take care of our skin. Our older self will thank us. 


I am Dry Combination (2) skin, sometimes Combination Oily (3) during the summer. Check out below the list of products I use:

3 Step: Soap: Liquid Facial Soap ; Liquid Exfoliating Lotion: Clarifying Lotion 2 ; Moisturizer: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 

Hydrator: Moisture Surge Hydrating Super Charged Concentrate ( i use before the lotion!)

      **I just recently bought the Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator. I am excited to see the benefits! 

Lip: Superbalm Lip Treatment (which I just bought and love!) or Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment

Scrub (before the 3-step if my skin is showing signs of oil): Exfoliating Scrub

Foundation: Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup

Body Lotion: Clinique Happy Gelato Cream For Body

I have so many other Clinique products from mascara, to eyeshadow, to lip gloss!! I am doing a Clinique travel beauty giveaway on my Instagram @headtohealstyle. Head there for an opportunity to win!

Have you used Clinique products in the past? How did you like them? What other skin care lines do you use and why? How does it work for you? I'd love to hear about it!


All Photography: Chelsea Mealo Photography ; Instagram: @chelseamealo