How Much Do I Need To Have In My Savings Account Before I Can Buy A Luxury Handbag?


So, how much do I need to have stored up in my savings account before I can buy a luxury designer bag? If the answer were left up to my parents, never enough! Haha. But seriously, this is such a hard question to answer. How does a woman begin to even calculate her finances to determine whether or not she can really afford a luxury handbag? Some people say you have to be able to buy it twice over. Okay, with my savings account, I can buy a Louis Vuitton twice over and not "feel" it. Does it mean that I can afford it? Not necessarily. Why? Because there are other things I need to do with that money - like pay off my student loans, buy a house, pay my tuition, apply to medical school (it costs thousand$$$ to apply to medical school haha). 


Sometimes, as a hard-working student and career women in the pharma industry, I feel like treating myself when I reach certain accomplishments or milestones. Then I am reminded that I have $64,000 of graduate school loans! My goal is to pay it off in 2-years time - do you think I can do it? Anyway, I will probably never feel at ease buying a $1K+ bag until I pay off my student loans and buy a home but you never know what happens! God's eyes run to and fro the ENTIRE earth looking on how He can bless His children! 


I would like a Chanel or the latest Louis Vuitton one day, but for now check out the second most expensive bag I own - a Michael x Michael Kors Savannah X-Large Acorn Satchel (Acorn Large option here) (black Large option here), (black X-Large option here) (michael kors Large multiple colors here ON SALE)! It was on sale online last year during a Macys handbag sale, and I thought it was the perfect bag for work. It was about It has a center console that operates as a laptop holder, and it perfectly fits my 13" Apple laptop. It has tons of pockets for pens, notecards, cell phones, keys, you name it! It truly is the perfect work or school bag! 

How much would you need to have saved in your savings account in order to feel comfortable buying a $1K+ bag? A $3K+ bag? What salary do you think you would need to make, pre-taxes? Comment below and let me know, so I stop overanalyzing every money decision!

 Blouse: Calvin Klein Factory (similar white CK blouses at Macys  here  at CK website  here )  Skirt: $9.98 Banana Republic Factory  here   Shoes:  Bar III @ Macys

Blouse: Calvin Klein Factory (similar white CK blouses at Macys here at CK website here)

Skirt: $9.98 Banana Republic Factory here

Shoes: Bar III @ Macys

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