#MONEYMOVES July 2018: Paid Down An Extra $1000 On My Student Loans

Hello beautiful people! I'm so excited that you are still here with me and able to read this post. It's truly a blessing.

In this July 2018 #MONEYMOVES post, I will share some of the top areas in which I spent my money this month. I do my best to log how I spent my money every month. I don't do it to perfection, because honestly I believe God concerning my finances and I leave room for the Holy Spirit to have His perfect way. Here is a very high level list of some things I spent my money on this month:


Student Loan Payment $2,200.00

Food $593.04 (A good portion of this was spent during my vacation to Boston. Also I went out to a beautiful dinner with my beautiful Senior Pastor. Otherwise, this would have been more on the side of $300 or so.)

Car $251.67

Car insurance $167

Phones $166.00

Tithe/Offering/Giving $X (I don't put the number because I will not publish what I give unto the Lord. Just know I mean business for God! I give unto the Lord because I love HIm, I know He will rebuke the devourer for my sake, and that He will open up the windows of Heaven and pour me out an anointing that I do not even have room enough to receive!)

Clothing/shopping $795.92 (Some of this was spent through gift cards, store credits I received from returns, or bought through Chase travel points on Amazon.)

Beauty $108.00

Tolls $74.50

School supplies $35.08

Blogging $405.00

Casting Networks $15.95

Gas $83.50

Parking $13.75

Sony Camera @ Best Buy $598.88 (I took money out of my modeling checking account to buy this, but will replace the money when I cash out on my credit card rewards points.)

Uber/lyft/bikes/patco $41.66 (All spent during my Boston vacation.)

Gym $24.51


If you compare with last month, I spent way more money this month and was still able to contribute $1000 more than last month towards my student loan payment. This is for a multitude of reasons that I won't get into in this post, however I plan on contributing more and more every month! I also pray that God will show me more ways to increase in finances and resources. 


If some of you know me, I do not believe in living penny-by-penny. I do not believe in pinching pennies. I know the promises of God concerning wealth, and it is not the will of God's children to be penny pinchers. It is not the will of God's children to have "fixed incomes". I do not overspend, but I enjoy the things that God allows me to enjoy. Paying off debts are according to His perfect timing, not our own. There are many people who work 70-100 hours per week to pay off debts, and I do not believe that is God's will concerning our lives. There are many things we miss out on spiritually when we prioritize debt repayment over the spiritual things of God. I digress for now, but I pray you remain steadfast focused on paying down your debts but first prioritizing the spiritual things of God! God has the power to wipe our debts clean should that be His perfect will concerning you. If I can do it, you can too! This method of being diligent but patient in allowing the Holy Spirit to move on my behalf helped me to pay off approximately $13,000 in credit card debt in 8 months! It was a debt that accumulated for 4+ years and He caused me to be able to pay it in 8 months time without having worked any overtime hours. I know that God is able! 

Comment below and tell me how you strategize paying off your financial debts.

See all of you #MONEYMOVES readers next time,

Love, Jacqueline