#MONEYMOVES Series: How Much I Spent In June 2018

Happy July! My Birthday Month - Month #7 - #7 which demonstrates the completion and perfection that comes from GOD! Lord knows my finances need to be perfected!

Welcome to my #MONEYMOVES blog series! Some of you may not know since I work in Pharma/healthcare, but I actually have a Bachelor's Degree in Financial Management. Yeah. And growing up, my dad would make me write out a proposal and a budget in Excel every time I needed $20. So safe to say, I am a millennial expert in finances (not true!). 



Here is a breakdown of what I spent in June 2018. This is the general idea. I did spend money on photography, random items, gas & toll (my commute is 85 miles to work/1.75 hours), some cash items, and still had a few hundred remaining in my checking account this month. It'll probably go towards paying my CC bill next month.

Student Loan Payments $1,827.94

Food ~$375.04

Car $251.00

Car insurance $167.00

Phones $187.32

Transfer to Savings ~$1,100.00

Tithe/Offering/Giving ~13-15% of my monthly gross salary

Clothing $341.51

Beauty Products $192.74

Wigs $90.91

Apple external hard drive $80.95



If I am honest, I am far from an expert in my finances. But I have financial goals, and I need to rapidly meet those goals so that I can go on to accomplish all the other life goals I have - buy a home, continue to build my savings account, start businesses, pay #cash on any medical school amount that grants/scholarships won't cover, etc. That means, I need to pay down on this $64,000 graduate school student loan debt I have NOW! Since I am still in school taking pre-med requirements, the loan is still in deferment. However, I am paying down on it because I don't have time for interest and capitalization.



I started this series to really track how much I was spending on food and miscellaneous items.  However, since the 'food' amount is all I spend on food (not only dining out), I would say not bad. Now I want to use these series to keep myself accountable to paying down my $64,000 student loan debt in UNDER 2 YEARS! Yeah, I said under 2 years! My GOD is ABLE to supply ALL of my need according to His riches in glory! The debt started out as $67,700, and I started paying on it in April 2018. 


Moving forward, I will be tracking with more granularity my monthly expenses and planning to spend less and pay off my student loan debt more! I will have a #MONEYMOVES post every month. I am grateful to God I have a great job that pays me well for the work I contribute, so I'm praying God will open up more avenues for my debt to be paid off with rapid acceleration! Last year, I actually paid of $13,000+ credit card debt in 8 months! Hoping to share that story with you all shortly and some tips I used to pay it off. 

If you have kind feedback, recommendations, or want to share your money journey because we are in this together, please share in the comments! 

I pray God would perfect the things concerning you this month and that He will continue to encourage you in all things <3

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All Photography: Chelsea Mealo Photography ; Instagram: @chelseamealo