Don't Be Deceived: Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

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Are young people being deceived into quitting their jobs? If you notice, there has been such an uptake of young people quitting their jobs and trying to be an entrepreneur or traveling the world, as examples. There is nothing wrong with trying to be an entrepreneur or travel the world, but you have to BE IN POSITION and it has to BE YOUR CALLING! You cannot get up, quit your job, and do something you see other people are doing simply because you don't like your boss, or your company, or your job, or you don't want to do a 9-5. 

I feel like most entrepreneurs or travelers don't openly talk about these things, about real life issues that come with owning your own business or traveling the world. They make it seem all glamorous, and people buy into it without fully evaluating the challenges and troubles that come with that lifestyle.

Here are a list of things you need to think about before you quit your job?


You need money and resources for living expenses. You need a good income, you need health/dental/vision insurance. You need benefits; you need retirement monies to be stored up. Now we know that you can get these things without going into an office job and clocking in. I am simply asking you what is your plan when these expenses or something happens? I had to go to the doctor for some high risk screening exams. Even after insurance, I am responsible for about $700 or so dollars. IMAGINE what the amount was before my health insurance paid their portion. No one has TIME to be in medical debt and your credit score to be lowered because of this. You have a low credit score because of medical debt, how are you going to get the business loans you need for your entrepreneurial business? 

You also need money to start a business. You also need money to travel. Do you have a savings account? This is self-explanatory, so I leave this point pretty simple.


You own a business or are a sole proprietor - paychecks don't come when they're supposed to come. You contract 30 day or 60 day payment. That payment may never come on time, if at all. Keep this in mind when I say you need a savings account in order to #makemoves 

I know that I go to work on my job, I am getting my paycheck every two weeks and putting savings away. Please save money. Don't be out here spending. So you're ready to #makemoves when it's time to #makemoves 




Not many people want to admit this, but your 9-5 is one of the places you will work where you will gain skills on how to run a business, or start your own company. One of the places. Literally, there are so many people on our jobs that have an awesome number of skills they can impart into you! We are so busy trying to network after hours, but there are literally people on our jobs that can POUR into us. Okay, if you boss sucks, you need to go to any and all kinds of events and reach out to people on your job who can mentor, pour knowledge into you, and connect you with other people. 

As you may know, I want to be a physician. I have literally met about 5-6 physicians who work at my pharma company who are so WILLING to meet with me and discuss medicine and pour knowledge into me. I go to trainings and leadership meetings and ensure I talk to the person next to me. I never know who they are and what prior experiences they have that can benefit me! 

I even was a model in a fashion show and was introduced to the DEAN of one of Philadelphia's medical schools. He gave me his card and said email me, let's talk! Like WHO meets the DEAN of a medical school at a fashion show? These are things I am talking about - you don't have to quit your job to make connections and grow. LET older people who have more experience than you POUR into you, FIRST. Once you get all the applicable knowledge, and a proper savings account, then you can consider launching out on your own. But you should have already started your business to a small extent on the side.


You have vacation hours. You have weekends. You can travel. Why do we act like we have to quit jobs to travel? There are tons of companies who have generous vacation and paid leave policies. At some point, traveling the world will be dead to you. There are only a handful of people who can BUILD A LIFE on traveling. MOST people cannot do this simply because you were not called/graced to do it. Ask yourself the things that you typically need on a day-to-day basis to keep your happiness, will traveling the world get in the way of you doing these things? Also, You will regret not staying in corporate america long enough to gain appropriate and necessary skills, make life-long connections, and build character. Which leads me to...


A 9-5 perfects your character! I know I know! We all think "I am who I am". Yes, that's correct. Your character IS crap, and that's who you are,  but it needs to be perfected! God wants to perfect us, so that when we are blessed with higher power, authority, money, resources, businesses, that it will LAST! That you will be a proper steward of what you have been blessed with. All these people you see now in the media and hollywood who lost their jobs/fired/had to resign, they did unethical or stupid things that cause them to lose their job. Their character was trash. They rushed out to go and build wealth and monies, and now lost it all. Your skills get you to your destiny, but your character will keep you there! Don't rush and go before God's timing. 

I am a living testament - when people treat you terribly, don't lash out at them. I'm not saying that you never say anything at all. Although most times I do not. I am saying if someone treats you poorly on your job, take it in. Go in a corner or home somewhere, think about what transpired, and come back and handle it professionally. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY - YOU WILL BE ELEVATED IN THE WORKPLACE WHEN YOU HAVE THIS SKILL! This is literally one of the ways I got my promotion/full time positions - people were impressed that I knew how to handle conflict. This is a highly sought after skill in the workplace. 


They made the most of every job they ever had, worked hard, saved monies, networked with colleagues, let people POUR into them, got rid of pride, and MADE (not moved up) their own ladder! When you are humble, there is no where else to go but UP! Favor of God will propel you - favor will take you further than anything else ever can! We need to humble ourselves as a people. When we do that, only then can we go far!

"For the day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low." -Isaiah 2:12 KJV

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