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As a multi-dimensional woman who works full time, in school part time and as a host of extracurriculars, I need products that help me live life easy and effective! Shop the products below that I have purchased from Amazon that help me do just that.


car products

The car products linked to the left have helped me with my car. In Fall 2016, I purchased my first car in my name. Since I drive my car alot and also park in Philly a few times a week, I need a car bumper protection! The people in Philly are ruthless (someone bumped my car TWICE while I was in it, didn't care, and just drove off!) These Bumper Bullys help to protect my car because these streets are not safe. 

The windshield covers are a must in snow, sleet, rain (bc pollen)! You can use these all year round. My mother even asked me to borrow one when her car door got a leak in it! These will definitely help you save time when you are always on-the-go, so as not to have to scrape ice and snow off your car. Buy now because these sell out quick in the winter!


The BOSE Bluetooth wireless portable speaker is truly a God send for me. I use it to study, watch videos/presentations, play music, drown out noise - inside and outside. You can use it at home, the park, in your car, wherever you are -it's wireless and connects to your phone & laptop! My father even asked me about it because he said it's much more compact and plays louder than a different brand he bought on Amazon. 



social media/blogging

Pretty much, if you want a popping Instagram due to great cell phone lighting, if you want a phone stand to take pics for you while you pose, if you want to protect your cell phone with great phone cases, get these products!!


For all my girls with a cute face, but want a slim waist!!!!!!!! #haha